Discover the real Hobbiton

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Published: 1/06/2015

Experience real Hobbiton, LOTR landmarks & stay in hosted Look After Me accommodationDiscover Middle Earth when you enjoy Hobbiton Movie Set and farm tours in Matamata and at other popular New Zealand locations this year. We have a range of accommodation options where you can stay with locals and enjoy home-cooked meals. 

10 questions with Tourism Entrepreneur – Julia Charity

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Published: 29/05/2015

New Zealand Rotorua Entrepreneur Julia Charity on line accommodation Network Look After Me peer- to peer platformThis month, NZ Entrepreneur Magazine talks to Dr Julia Charity – Founder of a Peer-to-Peer accommodation platform where guests can book accommodation with like minded hosts.  Now the largest and fastest growing Homestay Network in New Zealand, we ask Julia how she got started, what it’s really like to be an Entrepreneur in New Zealand and her hopes and dreams for the future.

Accommodation for Fieldays - Mystery Creek Hamilton (June 2015)

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Published: 14/05/2015

where to stay at National Fieldays with Look After Me near Mystery Creek. Accommodation in Hamilton, Home hosted accommodation

Heading along to Fieldays at Mystery Creek, June 10-13th? Look After Me has a great range of accommodation ranging from $50-$150. We have properties catering for sales reps, business peole and single travellers? We have hand picked a selection of our properties below perfect for Fieldays accommodation. 

ANZAC Day Remembrance

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Published: 15/04/2015

This coming Sunday is ANZAC Day and all around New Zealand, we are commemorating. 

We surveyed some of our hosts and guests (via Facebook) to find out what they were doing and how they were spending the day. ANZAC 2015, Look After me, Home hosted accommodation, Kiwi hospitality

Peer-to-Peer: The Sharing Economy in New Zealand

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Published: 10/04/2015

Peer to peer, business magazine, Julia Charity, Women in business Coined as the 21st Century’s ‘Collaboration Revolution’, global indicators point towards the rapid rise of the Sharing Economy.  This translates to both opportunities and warnings for New Zealand.  Julia Charity investigates. 

[published in Management Magazine, April 2015]

Gallivant with the Grandies

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Published: 3/04/2015

Grandparents, Look After Me, Home hosted accommodation, Ever taken one of your special 'grandies' on holiday with you?  Grans and Gramps will either groan or glee at the prospect....but even a single night away can create such special memories and strengthen the connection between generations.

It's now the school holidays and that's the perfect excuse to take one or two of your grandkids away and really have a wonderful time together.

Women shown entrepreneurial path

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Published: 19/03/2015

Women in business, Homestay Network, Scientist-turned-businesswoman, Julia Charity , Rotorua entrepreneurScientist-turned-businesswoman says you have to know how long your runway is.

Rotorua scientist-turned-entrepreneur Julia Charity led a panel discussion of seven prominent Kiwi businesswomen to launch a female entrepreneur week.


TV Rotorua City News showcases Rotorua Homestays

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Published: 12/03/2015

Homestay, New Zealands Homestay Network, Rotorua Homestay, Tv Rotorua, Home hosted accommodation TV Rotorua City News talks to Dr Julia Charity, about NZ's fastest growing Homestay network. 'Look After Me Ltd' - NZ's Homestay Network, has gained global exposure via reality television programmes that were aired in China and Korea.

The Chinese version of the show, 'Daddy, where are we Going' was filmed in Rotorua and at Hobbiton. The show was watched by an estimated 404 million viewers live and 1.4 billion via global satellite. 

TV Rotorua's report Kiri Danielle visited Althea (a Look After Me Host in Rotorua) at her beautiful B&B 'Pohutu Vista'. Althea explains why she joined the Homestay Network and what she enjoys about hosting guests.


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Potential Economic impact of Free Trade Agreement between NZ and China

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Published: 8/03/2015

Published in NZBusiness Magazine: With strengthening relations between China and New Zealand and evidence for strong economic benefit – we take a cloFree Trade Agreement New Zealand & China, Chinese Reality TV Show, ‘Daddy, where are we Going’?  Filmed in Rotorua, NZ Homestay Networkser look at the NZ-China Free-Trade Agreement, the rise of service industries and their possible economic impact. Julia Charity investigates.

NZ's Homestay Network makes its mark

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Published: 1/03/2015

NZ Homestay Network, NZBusiness, Look After Me Online market place Published in NZBusiness Magazine: From humble beginnings, Rotorua business ‘Look After Me’, has grown to become New Zealand’s largest, fastest growing Homestay Network.

It’s an on-line market place where homeowners offer short-term accommodation for paying guests in guest wings, self-contained units and spare rooms. ‘Look After Me’ provides accommodation on 18 of New Zealand’s 23 Cycle Trails and supports major events like Art Deco in Napier and Womad in New Plymouth.

Go Gourmet

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Published: 5/01/2015

Cheese and wine platter, Look After Me, Home hosted accommodation Do you fancy a weekend away sampling fabulous food, with its' passionate creators?


Summer Events Accommodation for 2015

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Published: 1/01/2015

Helping you find affordable accommodation at your favourite event this summer

accommodation for Art Deco weekend in Napier, Rotorua bike festival, Womad festival innew plymouth,  and ballons over waikato in hamilton

Don't you just love a great event?! We support most major events around NZ. Coming soon are Raggamuffin, Art Deco, WOMAD, Bike Fest and Balloons over Waikato.

Why not stay with friendly Look After Me hosts? They're mostly kiwis just like you. We match you with people who 'get you' and love what you're into to. Hey...they may even be going to the same event!

New Zealand's Homestay Network hosts Europe's top film makers in Rotorua

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Published: 17/12/2014

New Zealand's Homestay Network hosts best film makers in the world. Visiting accommodation in Lake Tarawera Trail, Wai-tapu and Maori Culture


New Zealand’s Homestay Network recently hosted Europe's top film makers  Natalie and Mael. The couple was selected from 4000 entrants who competed to secure their place on a Round The World Tour of Homestays.

In New Zealand, Mael and Natalie travelled to Rotorua to experience the Lake Tarawera trail and ecotour, geothermal activity and Maori cultures - all with matching Homestay experiences. 

New Zealand Homestays feature in China's most popular TV Show - Daddy, Where are we Going?

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Published: 19/11/2014

New Zealand Homestay Network hosts Chinese Celebrities in Rotorua for the filming of Daddy, where are we Going? - China's most popular TV Show.Our New Zealand Homestays were featured in China's most popular TV show 'Dad! Where are we Going? 

跟随星爸萌娃探索奇幻之都—罗托鲁瓦 一起来体验神奇和精彩的罗托鲁瓦

The show, which is watched by hundreds of millions world-wide, was filmed in Rotorua and New Zealand’s central North Island for a week in 2014.

New Zealand is the only international destination to feature in the show which follows celebrity fathers Huang Lei, Lu Yi, Yang Wei, Cao Ge and Wu Zhen Yu as they stay with Rotorua Homestay families and explore the region.

In the two 100-minute long Rotorua episodes, the celebrities experience New Zealand culture and accomplish a series of missions with or against each other.

The celebrites stayed with New Zealand host families who involved them in activities and tourist attractions. 

Cultural Experience

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Published: 24/10/2014

Rich in culture New Zealand welcomes travelers with a warm inviting greeting '"Kia ora!"cultural experience maori new zealand look after me accommodation travel

Rotorua Homestays in the spotlight - China's Daddy where are we going?

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Published: 8/09/2014

Daddy where are we going China, filmed in Rotorua New Zealand 2014Rotorua has landed a leading role in China's most popular reality TV show, which will be watched by millions of potential visitors.

The show, called Dad, Where Are We Going?, has been filming in Rotorua and the central North Island for a week, with its stars visiting some of the region's most picturesque locations. 


在中国的一档最受欢迎的电视真人秀“爸爸去哪儿”中,Rotorua 扮演了一个很重要的角色,因为目前这档将会被数百万的潜在观众观看的节目,正在这里进行着为期一周的拍摄,而节目中的明星们正也参观着当地最风景如画的地方。Rotorua这个地区的迷人风景将会呈现在“爸爸去哪儿第二季” 最近的两集中。但是由于双方合同的一些限制,具体拍摄的一些地方的细节问题还不能对外公开。

New Zealand's Homestay Network takes People's Choice and Runner up at Rotorua's Entrepreneurial event

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Published: 18/08/2014

Rotorua Entrepreneur and Founder of New Zealand's Homestay Network Julia Charity wins People's Choice and Runner up at Rotorua X Start-up event Second place and the People’s Choice award for the inaugural Rotorua Start-Up Pitch Night event went to Dr. Julia Charity, who founded 'Look After Me - New Zealand's Homestay Network. Accepting her award, Charity said she had worked tirelessly for three years to bring an idea from absolutely nothing into something.



“Rotorua really needs events like this. It helps create and support an entrepreneurial community,” she said.

“Through determination and grit I have created something from nothing. The world has changed and New Zealand needs its own Homestay Network. I'm doing this for the people of New Zealand and it's so wonderful to receive this award. 

Winning the People’s Choice provides awhi for me along my entrepreneurial journey.”


Evolving B&B use still hard to measure in New Zealand

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Published: 4/07/2014

Olook After me hosting evolving B&B use still hard to measurene of the below-the-radar categories for tourism across New Zealand is the Bed and Breakfast and Home stay market, which tourism experts suggest could account for significantly more than the officially monitored visitor bed nights. And new online apps and sites are allowing increasing numbers to access private household accommodation.