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Travelling can be a stressful time; having to book accommodation, worry about transport, trying not to get lost in a new place and then having to find somewhere to eat. Homestay accommodation can alleviate a lot of this worries.

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January Newsletter 2020 - Happy New Year! http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/january-newsletter-2020-happy-new-year Accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and Breakfast, Digital Hotel, Creative Journeys, Great Write In

It's the beginning of a new year and time to say a big thank you to YOU, our wonderful guests! You've believed in our special brand of hospitality and unique B&B providers. We are so grateful for you and look forward to sharing with you the great opportunities and improvements we have in store for the New Year!


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How to Choose the Right Host For You http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/how-to-choose-the-right-host-for-you Accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastIt can be tough to choose between all the great hosts and accomodations we have available on Look After Me. Here's three top things to think about when you're choosing a host!

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The Great Write Inn - Writer's Festivals in 2020 http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/the-great-write-inn-writers-festivals-in-2020

Have you always wanted to write a book, but don't know how?

Let Look After Me take you on a creative journey in 2020. where we help unpublished writers become published authors.

Supportive learning events are being held in Dunedin, Rotorua and Nelson in 2020. 

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Five Great Reasons to Choose a Homestay When You Relocate http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/five-great-reasons-to-choose-a-homestay-when-you-relocate Lunch accomadationStory by Jenny Holt


Relocating is hard enough without the hassles of finding a temporary home when you arrive in a new place. It is just easier when you have somewhere to go immediately upon arrival of what would be your next place of home. So why not opt for a homestay?

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Wild Imaginings Homestay & Play Accomodation in Dunedin http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/wild-imaginings-homestay-play-accomodation-in-dunedin Writers festivals New Zealand Wild Imaginings Hui in DunedinDunedin, City of Literature is proving just how apt that name is! November 8th -10th, writers and illustrators will be converging on the city to learn more about their craft.

A wonderful weekend of discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities for children's writers and illustrators is fast approaching. 2019's Wild Imaginings Hui in Dunedin, is set to be a fantastic event for all attendees.

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The Big (Bad Wolf?) Bed Tax Debate http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/the-big-bad-wolf-bed-tax-debate We hosted a debate on the possible Bed Tax at Dunedin's Petridish. It was open to home-owners, hoteliers, local businesses, government officials, and anyone interested in bettering New Zealand. 

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April Newsletter 2019 - Kiwis Looking After Kiwis http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/april-newsletter-2019-kiwis-looking-after-kiwis Accommodation, New Zealand Homestay, Look After Me, Bed and Breakfast, Digital Hotel

In 2013, New Zealand was voted number one in the world, for how we treat our visitors. 

In 2019, if the world was to vote again, I suspect we would also be voted No 1 for how we look after each other. Hasn't it been heart-warming to see how New Zealanders have united?



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February Newsletter 2019 - Home Sweet Homestay http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/february-newsletter-2019-home-sweet-homestay Accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastIn 2011 when we launched Look After Me, ahead of the Rugby World Cup, I was told that no one would ever want to stay in anyone else's home, in exchange for money. 

I'm glad I didn't listen to that advice because we've proven it wrong. Our hosts have now looked after over 16,300 guests - mostly spare rooms that guests have booked for short-term accommodation. 

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Saving For Your Holiday http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/saving-for-your-holiday money, travel, accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastBy Jenny Holt

“Comfortable”, “warm”, and “idyllic” are just a few phrases you’ll hear about travel in New Zealand. Your homestay experience has the potential to be an extremely positive one. Don’t let financial worries get in the way. Manage your money with these helpful tips.

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Accommodation for Major Events in Dunedin http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/accommodation-for-major-events-in-dunedin Accommodation for all major events in Dunedin 2018This is going to be a huge year for Dunedin with many talented sportsmen and artists performing at Forsyth Barr Stadium. With a whole range of different events, there will be something for everyone!

If you are planning on coming to any of these events check out the details below and book your accommodation early on our new mobile-friendly website www.staydunedin.com

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Discover Accessible New Zealand With A Sense of Freedom And Confidence http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/discover-accessible-new-zealand-with-a-sense-of-freedom-and-confidence Look After Me, accommodation, New Zealand Bed and Breakfast and Homestay, Accessibility, Disability, Accessible TravelThe tourism New Zealand website reports that some $34.7 billion is spent by tourists.  Tourism is clearly big business for this small island, which welcomes visitors both abled and disabled. The North and South Islands of New Zealand offer a wealth of scenic walks or drives, with exciting activities such as wine tasting at any of the many vineyards, whale watching or checking out the volcanic activity at Rotorua.

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Not A Real Job Podcast http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/not-a-real-job-podcast accommodation, digital hotel, stay dunedin, look after me, new zealand bed and breakfast and homestay, not a real job podcast Dr Julia Charity was interviewed on the Podcast series, Not A Real Job, and explained how her Digital Hotel Business has become a full time job for her. 

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Accommodation still available http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/accommodation-still-available look after me, accommodation, digital hotel, new zealand homestay and bed and breakfastDespite an estimated 60,000 people expected to visit Dunedin during Easter, plenty of accommodation is still available in the city, providers say.

Otago Motel Association executive member Michael Young, who owns 858 on George Street, said accommodation was still available at the city’s motels over the weekend, as many people had booked before they secured concert tickets and ended up changing their bookings.

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World's First Digital Hotel Officially Declared Open http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/worlds-first-digital-hotel-officially-declared-open oney, travel, accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastThe evening of Thursday 8 February saw Dunedin’s heritage listed Penthouse on Stafford street, staging the launch of the world’s first completely digital hotel.

Entrepreneur, Dr Julia Charity, launched her new digital hotel, with the help of the Mayor of Dunedin, His Worship Dave Cull, and actress Rebecca Gibney. Homeowners can now take advantage of a new web-based platform, to offer their spare rooms and the comfort of their homes for hire.


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Digital Hotel Opens in Dunedin http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/digital-hotel-opens-in-dunedin oney, travel, accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and Breakfast, radio, interview, Otago Access RadioDunedin Entrepreneur Dr Julia Charity was interviewed by Jeff Harford on the Oarsome Morning Show about her Digital Hotel business.

Julia tells us about the story behind Look After Me and her latest intitiative in Dunedin. 


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What our guests say http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/what-our-guests-say Guests come and stay with Look After Me - an alternative to AirBnB in New Zealand and only online market place for accommodation and homestays


Over the years we've collected a few stories from guests who have stayed with Look After Me hosts and put them in a video. 


Every property also has its own 'Visitors Book', where guests write about their experience. Here's what some of them have said:

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Scientist finds her calling in homestay businesses http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/scientist-finds-her-calling-in-homestay-businesses Look After Me Accommodation network New Zealand. Alternative to AirBnB Plus. Stay Dunedin World’s first digital hotel   Dunedin entrepreneur Julia Charity has come up with the novel concept of a "pop-up" digital 1000-bed hotel in the city to cope with the influx of visitors during major events.

Dr Charity is now looking for at least 400 homeowners willing to host guests for summer events, such as the Ed Sheeran concerts, and beyond.


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Digital hotel site seeks rooms in Dunedin houses http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/digital-hotel-site-seeks-rooms-in-dunedin-houses Look After Me Accommodation network New Zealand. Alternative to AirBnB Plus. Stay Dunedin World’s first digital hotel   New Zealand Homestay Bed and BreakfastA Dunedin entrepreneur is launching a campaign to increase the city’s accommodation capacity for major concerts and sporting events by giving homeowners a slice of the action.

Dr Julia Charity, a scientist, entrepreneur and recent arrival in the city, is launching a “Sharin’ for Sheeran” campaign, creating a digital hotel under the umbrella of her nationwide Look After Me accommodation network.


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Accommodation network appoints new Director http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/accommodation-network-appoints-new-director Mike Johnson Director Look After Me Accommodation Network New Zealand alternative AirBnB in New Zealand for Baby Boomer travel World's First Digital Hotel, Mike Johnson, Look After Me, Accommodation, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and Breakfast, Digital HotelRotorua-founded business, Look After Me, has announced the appointment of a new Director with effect from 1 August 2017.

With over 55 years experience in New Zealand’s tourism industry, Mike Johnson brings a wealth of experience, including twenty-five years owning an international tourism marketing company and involvement with national tourism bodies.

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Ed Sheeran Concerts - Look After Me provides accommodation for Dunedin concerts March 2018 http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/ed-sheeran-concerts-look-after-me-provides-accommodation-for-dunedin-concerts-march-2018 Ed Sheeran Dunedin accommodation official partner Look After Me March 2018, Ed Sheeran, Look After Me, Digital Hotel, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastNationwide accommodation network, Look After Me is helping fans going to the New Zealand Ed Sheeran concerts.

Director Dr Julia Charity who founded the company just ahead of the 2011 Rugby World Cup said they were delighted to be helping with the three Auckland and two Dunedin shows in March 2018.


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Mother Daughter - a special bond http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/mother-daughter-a-special-bond Home hosted accommodation, Mothers day, Look after me,

Mums and daughters have a special bond, it's a girl thing!

But like any relationship it takes an investment of time.

Sharing words of wisdom, caring for each other as only women can and experiencing life together with the many emotions and 'first's' .

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The benefits of homestay accommodation in New Zealand http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/the-benefits-of-homestay-accommodation-in-new-zealand budget hosted accommodation with Look After Me NZ's Homestay Network

Why choose commercial accommodation when you can have the luxury of staying with friendly hosts at a homestay property?

Now Nationwide, New Zealand's Homestay Network has properties in beach, lake, bush and city locations all over New Zealand. It is helping pioneer the Sharing Economy in New Zealand and offers a small, boutique local experience.


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How about an Autumn escape in Northland? http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/how-about-an-autumn-escape-in-northland northland accommodation and attractions with Look After Me NZ's homestay networkHere are just a few reasons why you should book your Autumn escape in Northland.

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What our hosts say http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/what-our-hosts-say

This is an amazing experience not only for guests but for hosts too! Find out why our hosts look after our guests. Meet people from all around the world and earn money! What could be better? 

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To B&B or not to B&B? That is the Question! http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/to-b-b-or-not-to-b-b-that-is-the-question

By Monica Lewis

Traveling incites some wonderful sayings. One of my favourite quotes is this;

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

I couldn’t agree more and personally I’d like to read all the pages and see the greenest of grass on the other side. But even if you have retired we may have the time to travel, there is the sordid question of the 'means'.

When one grows-up, intrepid travel does seem less romantic. Sleeping in a tent or in bunk beds in a dormitory loses its appeal for some of us and understandably so. There are the physical restrictions once the bones have gone weary. 

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About the idea http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/about-the-idea Look After Me - New Zealand's online market place for homestays and accommodation. A pioneer in the Sharing Economy and key driver for change in the tourism industry for New Zealand

Is Look After Me good for New Zealand? What do some on New Zealand's leading business people and key influencers think about the idea? 

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Five reasons to celebrate five years of start-up - Look After Me birthday celebrations http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/five-reasons-to-celebrate-five-years-of-start-up-look-after-me-birthday-celebrations Look After Me Accommodation Network - 5th birthday. Rotorua Entrepreneur Julia Charity celebrates five years of business For each of the five candles on her technology start-up company’s birthday cake, founder Dr Julia Charity has a reason to celebrate.

Charity’s company, ‘Look After Me’ launched in July 2011, ahead of the Rugby World Cup. It is an on-line market place that sells accommodation for short-term stays all over New Zealand.

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Home Exchange and Look After Me Announce Partnership http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/home-exchange-and-look-after-me-announce-partnership HomeExchange announces partnership with Look After Me - accommodation Auckland with seaviewsHomeExchange and Look After Me announced a partnership that enables Look After Me members to register with HomeExchange and swap homes with 65,000 listings around the world.

Look After Me customers can now create an account on HomeExchange with their existing User email and Password and become active members of the international community. A badge on their profile shows guests and hosts that they are also a member of the world’s largest home exchange network.

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Photography workshops help small tourism businesses keep their edge http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/photography-workshops-help-small-tourism-businesses-keep-their-edge Mead Norton Look AFter Me B&B Photography workshop 1Two local businesses have welcomed Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism John Key’s announcement that the Government would invest an extra $20 million over four years in tourism projects, by working together on a project to benefit the smaller tourism players. 

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Flexible hours perk of remote work for Rotorua Entrepreneur http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/flexible-hours-perk-of-remote-work-for-rotorua-entrepreneur Julia Charity Rotorua based Entrepreneur and Founder of Look After Me - New Zealand's Accommodation and Homestay Network works from home and enjoys the flexibility it provides

Recent research shows at least 70 per cent of Kiwis want to work remotely or at least telecommute part-time. Some Rotorua residents tell us how they’ve made the shift from corporate life to the world of working from home.

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Accommodation for Fieldays - Mystery Creek Hamilton (June 2016) http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/accommodation-for-fieldays-mystery-creek-hamilton-june-2016 Heading along to Fieldays at Mystery Creek, June 15-18th? Look After Me has a great range of accommodation ranging from $50-$150. We have properties catering for sales reps, business peole and single travellers? We have hand picked a selection of our properties below perfect for Fieldays accommodation. 

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Top 3 things our Homestay hosts do to make you feel welcome in New Zealand http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/top-3-things-our-homestay-hosts-do-to-make-you-feel-welcome-in-new-zealand Look After Me homestay accommodation - hosting tips, information for hosts, Home hosted accommodation Hosts at Look After Me Homestay Network take a more personal approach to accommodation than your usual motel owners. Check out 3 of our top tips that some of our hosts do, to ensure your stay in New Zealand is memorable.

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Business travel in Christchurch http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/business-travel-in-christchurch Hosted accommodation with Look After Me Homestay Network in Christchurch Heading to Christchurch for business this year? Here's what you need to know to help your trip be the best it can be.

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Get on the green at 5 of Queenstown's top golf courses http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/get-on-the-green-at-5-of-queenstowns-top-golf-courses Golfing holidays new zealand queenstown accommodation, Home hosted accommodation, New Zealands Home Stay Network

Check out these five top golf courses in beautiful Queenstown.

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Visit the new Christchurch http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/visit-the-new-christchurch Christchurch rebuild new attractions and hosted Look After Me Accommodation

Christchurch is an exciting place to be at the moment. Visit this city as it rebuilds.

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