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Thee Write Away - Writer's Retreat in New Zealand,  RotoruaNEW: Thee Write Away - Writers Retreats in New Zealand

Introducing Thee Write Away - where you design your own special retreat experience.

Lose the crowds in this fully customisable writer's retreat in Rotorua, the heart of the Hot Tub Valley, New Zealand

Created by writers for writers  - our retreats are designed with your personal wellness in mind. Ideal for singles, couples or small groups. 

Next Group Dates: starting 14 October 2024 or pick your own date.

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Interests and Activities http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/interests-and-activities Choose interests like golf pottery walking art wine and foodSearch accommodation based on your interests.

Write, cycle, walk, play golf, sample wine, take photos, sing, sail, fish or swim.  

Isn't it time to look after me?


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Great Write Inn - Dunedin http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/great-write-inn-dunedin The Great Write Inn - Writers Events in DunedinThe Great Write Inn is a Literary Workshop for writers.

We have two events coming up in Dunedin October 2023 'book-eding' the Dunedin Writer and Reader's Festival.

The Great Write Inn - Romance at Olveston Historic Home or The Great Write Inn @ Larnarch's Castle on Monday 16th of October 2023.

Find your tribe. 

Free your voice.

Tell your story!


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2023: It really is time, to look after 'me' http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/2023-it-really-is-time-to-look-after-me January 2023: Newsletter

Phew! We made it through the festive season. 

But what if you are feeling a bit burnt out an broken from it all?

We're taught to serve others before self but if you feel like you are always looking after everyone else - for the rest of 2023, we're encouraging you to make brave new choices because it really is time to look after ME.

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Great Write Away http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/great-write-away The Great Write Away

Writer's Workshop and Retreat


Monday 26th September -  Sunday 2 October 2022

Replays now available

Be the writer you've always wanted to be.

Tell the world something it needs to hear.

Single session, single and multi-day tickets for The Great Write Away  - our new Writer's Retreat and workshops in Rotorua are now available.

We have created a seven step programme covering the end-to-end process of creating a story, then editing, formating, publishing and marketing a story. 

With scheduled time for writing, learning and relaxing - it's a unique 'write-seeing' holiday retreat experience, created by writers, for writers.

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Great Write Inn http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/great-write-inn The Great Write Inn - a *Portal* for Writers

Masterclasses, creative exercises and step-by-step guides and templates for the DIY Writer. 

Looking for some inspiration to ignite your passion as a story teller?

Want the thrill of a writer's festival hearing from the best tutors without the anxiety of large, live events?

Fancy learning at learn at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home?

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New Tourism Concept unveiled at TRENZ Hui Otautahi-Christchurch http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/new-tourism-concept-unveiled-at-trenz-hui-otautahi-christchurch HIlary Barry at TRENZ ChristchurchNZ #TRENZHui21A fresh, collborative, community-led approach has breathed life into a new Tourism Concept.

The concept is a fusion between traditional hotels and cloud-based software.

It provides singles, couples and small groups with a clean, safe and more regenerative way to travel.

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How to Choose the Right Host For You http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/how-to-choose-the-right-host-for-you Accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastIt can be tough to choose between all the great hosts and accomodations we have available on Look After Me. Here's three top things to think about when you're choosing a host!

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Slow is the new Go for Holiday Package Winners http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/slow-is-the-new-go-for-holiday-package-winners Zonta Festival of Gardens Rotorua Prize winner of pamper me package Julia Anne Look After Me Accommodation Jemma and Philip McDonald welcomed the Holiday Season with an extra special gift under the Christmas Tree this year.

They were winners of the Major Raffle Prize for The Festival in the Gardens fundraising event presented by the Zonta Club of Rotorua, held at Palmers in late 2020.

The prize draw was sponsored by local Accommodation and Events company Look After Me. 

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Soak and Cycle http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/soak-and-cycle #Soak&Cycle - Holiday Packages in Rotorua with Hot Pools, cycling and accommodation options

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Soothing thermal springs for deep relaxation.

Be nurtured by nature - fresh forests, tranquil lakes, mesmerising hot springs.

Leisure, family and hard-out mountain bike trails for all kinds of cycling.

#SoakCycle #Soak&Cycle


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Frock IT! - Rhythm and Rhymes http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/frock-it-rhythm-and-rhymes Frock It - Dance Party Events in Dunedin 2020An unofficial National Poetry Day event, come and rock your frock and slam dunk rhyme if you want to.

Be entertained by well known performance poets, rhymers and stand up comedians.  


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World Peace Festival August 2020 - from Rotorua, New Zealand http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/world-peace-festival-august-2020-from-rotorua-new-zealand Ekam World Peace Festival - Rotorua evetns 2020

We invite you to lean in quietly. to meditate and pray for Peace.

Events are 10th, 12th and 13th of August - 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm.  

Part of the Ekam World Peace Festival uniting a village of 10 million people.


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Insurance for Homeowners renting out Holiday houses, self-contained units, B&Bs and Homestays http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/insurance-for-homeowners-renting-out-holiday-houses-self-contained-units-b-bs-and-homestays Home hosting Insurance for New Zealanders on AirbnB Are you a Homeowner who offers accommodation to paying guests?

Sweeney Townsend have develope a new Insurance product especially for you.

Comprehensive yet affordable Insurance Policy with specific wording tailored to hosts renting out their properties or vehicles. 

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Soak and Cycle - The Secret Spot Hot Tubs Rotorua http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/soak-and-cycle-the-secret-spot-hot-tubs-rotorua #Soak&Cycle - Secret Spot Thermal Hot Pools in Rotorua

The Secret Spot is hidden away in the Waipa Valley, in the heart of New Zealand’s mountain biking mecca.  

Check out our Soak + Cycle + Eat + Stay + Play options in Rotorua



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Tourism stats show promise for Rotorua bed and breakfast owners http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/tourism-stats-show-promise-for-rotorua-bed-and-breakfast-owners Vivien Cooper, Colin McPhee and Julia Anne - Bed and Breakfast RotoruaWhen it comes to looking after her guests, Viv Cooper is a pro. For 14 years she's run a bed and breakfast in Rotorua.

Accommodation around New Zealand has taken a major hit in the wake of Covid-19. But revealing new statistics suggest that bed and breakfast providers like Viv may stand to benefit from a new wave of travellers.

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Bed and Breakfasts in Rotorua - Holiday accommodation http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/bed-and-breakfasts-in-rotorua-holiday-accommodation Bed and Breakfast in Rotorua - holiday accommodation for our Soak and Cycle PackagesGorgeous locations, impeccable hospitality, spacious rooms. Most of our B&Bs offer Queen bed with ensuite, guest lounge and cooked breakfast.

B&Bs offer exceptional value, are fasdiously clean and great for people who enjoy the benefits of local knowledge and a fantastic cooked breakfast brought right to their room. 

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Carrying on Calmly http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/carrying-on-calmly Carrying Calmly on - Guests of the Queen's High Tea enjoying themselves at Olveston Historic HomeThe Queen's High Tea was was one of many 'Keep Calm and Carry On' Events held around the country at Queen's Birthday Weekend.

It was aimed at bringing support to local tourism operators and cafe owners following the lockdown.

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Rotorua Queen's Birthday high tea parties to be held, with a twist http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/rotorua-queens-birthday-high-tea-parties-to-be-held-with-a-twist Events manager Julia Anne (left), co-Director Colin MacPhee, mayor Steve Chadwick and Prince's Gate Hotel Events Manager Stephen Taylor.A Rotorua event manager is using the power of technology to host a Queen's Birthday high tea party nationwide.

The initiative called Keep Calm and Carry On aims to hold virtual and real tea party events in Dunedin and Rotorua.

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Keep Calm and Carry On - Queen's High Tea Re-imagines Events http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/keep-calm-and-carry-on-queens-high-tea-re-imagines-events Queen's High Tea Party Invitation - 1 June 2020New Zealanders are invited to keep calm and carry on.

With Queen’s Birthday weekend coming up, many New Zealanders will be wondering what to do. Go out or stay in? Travel or not to travel? Events or no events?

Let’s sit down, have a cup of tea and think about it.

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Hobbies and Interests emerge as new travel trend from #HacktheCrisisNZ http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/hobbies-and-interests-emerge-as-new-travel-trend-from-hackthecrisisnz

Once NZ moves to a lower alert level, 62% of New Zealanders are ‘extremely likely’ to travel nationally.

Cleanliness is now the number one factor that will influence guests buying decisions, nudging ahead of price. Location, comfort and wi-fi were also considerations.


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Self Contained Units in Rotorua - affordable Holiday accommodation http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/self-contained-units-in-rotorua-affordable-holiday-accommodation Self-contained unit button to select holiday accommodation for the Soak and Cycle Package in RotoruaSelf-contained units in Rotorua are ideal for couples or two people travelling together.

Exceptional value, fasdiously clean and great for people who wish to prepare their own meals while on holiday. 

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It's a Small World for Gift Basket Winner http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/its-a-small-world-for-gift-basket-winner Look After Me, Accommodation, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and Breakfast, Chic in Merivale, Administrative Professionals

Last year, Look After Me hosted a celebration for Administrative Professionals at the University of Otago.

The winner of our goodie gift basket was Leanne Kirk. 

Leanne won a pamper pack which included a voucher worth $250 to book accommodation anywhere in New Zealand. 

Leanne and her husband John used their voucher when they visited Christchurch enroute, to walk the Queen Charlotte Sound Track.

Leanne stayed at Chic in Merivale, hosted by Cathy Macpherson.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Homestay http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-homestay Look After Me, Accommodation, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and Breakfast

Travelling can be a stressful time; having to book accommodation, worry about transport, trying not to get lost in a new place and then having to find somewhere to eat. Homestay accommodation can alleviate a lot of these worries.

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January Newsletter 2020 - Happy New Year! http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/january-newsletter-2020-happy-new-year Accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and Breakfast, Digital Hotel, Creative Journeys, Great Write In

It's the beginning of a new year and time to say a big thank you to YOU, our wonderful guests! You've believed in our special brand of hospitality and unique B&B providers. We are so grateful for you and look forward to sharing with you the great opportunities and improvements we have in store for the New Year!


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Frock IT! http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/frock-it Frock IT! - women in dresses dancing, laughing, and holding glasses of champagne

Frock IT! is a dance party with a twist.

Featuring different themes - with entertainers, music, food and beverages inspired by the theme.  

Frock IT! celebrates fashion, fun and dance. 

All welcome!

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Five Great Reasons to Choose a Homestay When You Relocate http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/five-great-reasons-to-choose-a-homestay-when-you-relocate Lunch accomadationStory by Jenny Holt


Relocating is hard enough without the hassles of finding a temporary home when you arrive in a new place. It is just easier when you have somewhere to go immediately upon arrival of what would be your next place of home. So why not opt for a homestay?

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Our Awards http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/our-awards Lightening Lab - Tourism -Look After Me - Finalist 2020Founded in 2011, ahead of the Rugby World Cup, Look After Me has won or been a finalist in highly sought after industry awards, often beating out much bigger competitors. These awards reflect our commitment to you, our guests and our hosts. Through these Awards we celebrate the passion our team has for upholding the very best of hospitality in New Zealand. 


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Wild Imaginings Homestay & Play Accomodation in Dunedin http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/wild-imaginings-homestay-play-accomodation-in-dunedin Writers festivals New Zealand Wild Imaginings Hui in DunedinDunedin, City of Literature is proving just how apt that name is! November 8th -10th, writers and illustrators will be converging on the city to learn more about their craft.

A wonderful weekend of discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities for children's writers and illustrators is fast approaching. 2019's Wild Imaginings Hui in Dunedin, is set to be a fantastic event for all attendees.

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The Big (Bad Wolf?) Bed Tax Debate http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/the-big-bad-wolf-bed-tax-debate We hosted a debate on the possible Bed Tax that may be applied across the industry. It was open to home-owners, hoteliers, local businesses, government officials, and anyone interested in bettering New Zealand.

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Accommodation Network Gets Set to Introduce Creative Journeys and Educational Festivals http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/accommodation-network-gets-set-to-introduce-creative-journeys-and-educational-festivals Tourism Ticker talked to Look After Me’s founder and tech entrepreneur, Julia Anne (formerly Charity), on establishing New Zealand’s largest homestay network.

They also discussed expanding to include Creative Events and Educational Festivals and navigating some of the difficulties involved with pioneering the shared access economy in New Zealand.

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April Newsletter 2019 - Kiwis Looking After Kiwis http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/april-newsletter-2019-kiwis-looking-after-kiwis Accommodation, New Zealand Homestay, Look After Me, Bed and Breakfast, Digital Hotel

In 2013, New Zealand was voted number one in the world, for how we treat our visitors. 

In 2019, if the world was to vote again, I suspect we would also be voted No 1 for how we look after each other. Hasn't it been heart-warming to see how New Zealanders have united?



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February Newsletter 2019 - Home Sweet Homestay http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/february-newsletter-2019-home-sweet-homestay Accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastIn 2011 when we launched Look After Me, ahead of the Rugby World Cup, I was told that no one would ever want to stay in anyone else's home, in exchange for money. 

I'm glad I didn't listen to that advice because we've proven it wrong. Our hosts have now looked after over 16,300 guests - mostly spare rooms that guests have booked for short-term accommodation. 

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Saving For Your Holiday http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/saving-for-your-holiday money, travel, accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastBy Jenny Holt

“Comfortable”, “warm”, and “idyllic” are just a few phrases you’ll hear about travel in New Zealand. Your homestay experience has the potential to be an extremely positive one. Don’t let financial worries get in the way. Manage your money with these helpful tips.

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Accommodation for Major Events in Dunedin http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/accommodation-for-major-events-in-dunedin Accommodation for all major events in Dunedin 2018This is going to be a huge year for Dunedin with many talented sportsmen and artists performing at Forsyth Barr Stadium. With a whole range of different events, there will be something for everyone!

If you are planning on coming to any of these events check out the details below and book your accommodation early on our new mobile-friendly website www.staydunedin.com

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Discover Accessible New Zealand With A Sense of Freedom And Confidence http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/discover-accessible-new-zealand-with-a-sense-of-freedom-and-confidence Look After Me, accommodation, New Zealand Bed and Breakfast and Homestay, Accessibility, Disability, Accessible TravelThe tourism New Zealand website reports that some $34.7 billion is spent by tourists.  Tourism is clearly big business for this small island, which welcomes visitors both abled and disabled. The North and South Islands of New Zealand offer a wealth of scenic walks or drives, with exciting activities such as wine tasting at any of the many vineyards, whale watching or checking out the volcanic activity at Rotorua.

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Not A Real Job Podcast http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/not-a-real-job-podcast accommodation, digital hotel, stay dunedin, look after me, new zealand bed and breakfast and homestay, not a real job podcast Dr Julia Charity was interviewed on the Podcast series, Not A Real Job, and explained how her Digital Hotel Business has become a full time job for her. 

info@lookafterme.co.nz Thu, 12 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +1200 Press Room