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Thee Write Away - Writer's Retreat in New Zealand,  RotoruaNEW: Thee Write Away - Writers Retreats in New Zealand

Introducing Thee Write Away - a new fully customisable writer's retreat in Rotorua, the heart of the Hot Tub Valley, New Zealand

Created by writers for writers  - these new writer's retreats are ideal for singles, couples or small groups. 

Next Group Dates: starting 20 February 2024 or pick your own date.

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Interests and Activities http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/interests-and-activities Choose interests like golf pottery walking art wine and foodSearch accommodation based on your interests.

Write, cycle, walk, play golf, sample wine, take photos, sing, sail, fish or swim.  

Isn't it time to look after me?


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New Tourism Concept unveiled at TRENZ Hui Otautahi-Christchurch http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/new-tourism-concept-unveiled-at-trenz-hui-otautahi-christchurch HIlary Barry at TRENZ ChristchurchNZ #TRENZHui21A fresh, collborative, community-led approach has breathed life into a new Tourism Concept.

The concept is a fusion between traditional hotels and cloud-based software.

It provides singles, couples and small groups with a clean, safe and more regenerative way to travel.

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How to Choose the Right Host For You http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/how-to-choose-the-right-host-for-you Accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastIt can be tough to choose between all the great hosts and accomodations we have available on Look After Me. Here's three top things to think about when you're choosing a host!

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Soak and Cycle http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/soak-and-cycle #Soak&Cycle - Holiday Packages in Rotorua with Hot Pools, cycling and accommodation options

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Soothing thermal springs for deep relaxation.

Be nurtured by nature - fresh forests, tranquil lakes, mesmerising hot springs.

Leisure, family and hard-out mountain bike trails for all kinds of cycling.

#SoakCycle #Soak&Cycle


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Soak and Cycle - The Secret Spot Hot Tubs Rotorua http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/soak-and-cycle-the-secret-spot-hot-tubs-rotorua #Soak&Cycle - Secret Spot Thermal Hot Pools in Rotorua

The Secret Spot is hidden away in the Waipa Valley, in the heart of New Zealand’s mountain biking mecca.  

Check out our Soak + Cycle + Eat + Stay + Play options in Rotorua



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Bed and Breakfasts in Rotorua - Holiday accommodation http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/bed-and-breakfasts-in-rotorua-holiday-accommodation Bed and Breakfast in Rotorua - holiday accommodation for our Soak and Cycle PackagesGorgeous locations, impeccable hospitality, spacious rooms. Most of our B&Bs offer Queen bed with ensuite, guest lounge and cooked breakfast.

B&Bs offer exceptional value, are fasdiously clean and great for people who enjoy the benefits of local knowledge and a fantastic cooked breakfast brought right to their room. 

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Self Contained Units in Rotorua - affordable Holiday accommodation http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/self-contained-units-in-rotorua-affordable-holiday-accommodation Self-contained unit button to select holiday accommodation for the Soak and Cycle Package in RotoruaSelf-contained units in Rotorua are ideal for couples or two people travelling together.

Exceptional value, fasdiously clean and great for people who wish to prepare their own meals while on holiday. 

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How about an Autumn escape in Northland? http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/how-about-an-autumn-escape-in-northland northland accommodation and attractions with Look After Me NZ's homestay networkHere are just a few reasons why you should book your Autumn escape in Northland.

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To B&B or not to B&B? That is the Question! http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/to-b-b-or-not-to-b-b-that-is-the-question

By Monica Lewis

Traveling incites some wonderful sayings. One of my favourite quotes is this;

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

I couldn’t agree more and personally I’d like to read all the pages and see the greenest of grass on the other side. But even if you have retired we may have the time to travel, there is the sordid question of the 'means'.

When one grows-up, intrepid travel does seem less romantic. Sleeping in a tent or in bunk beds in a dormitory loses its appeal for some of us and understandably so. There are the physical restrictions once the bones have gone weary. 

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Top 3 things our Homestay hosts do to make you feel welcome in New Zealand http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/top-3-things-our-homestay-hosts-do-to-make-you-feel-welcome-in-new-zealand Look After Me homestay accommodation - hosting tips, information for hosts, Home hosted accommodation Hosts at Look After Me Homestay Network take a more personal approach to accommodation than your usual motel owners. Check out 3 of our top tips that some of our hosts do, to ensure your stay in New Zealand is memorable.

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Get on the green at 5 of Queenstown's top golf courses http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/get-on-the-green-at-5-of-queenstowns-top-golf-courses Golfing holidays new zealand queenstown accommodation, Home hosted accommodation, New Zealands Home Stay Network

Check out these five top golf courses in beautiful Queenstown.

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Visit the new Christchurch http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/visit-the-new-christchurch Christchurch rebuild new attractions and hosted Look After Me Accommodation

Christchurch is an exciting place to be at the moment. Visit this city as it rebuilds.

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FAWC Festival 6-15 November (Food and Wine Classic, Hawke's Bay) http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/fawc-festival-6-15-november-food-and-wine-classic-hawkes-bay fawc food wine hawkes bay accommodation home hosting homestay The Hawke's Bay is gearing up to showcase the Food and Wine Classic (FAWC) , a 10 day festival of gluttony. With over 50 events planned, from wine tasting to hummus making, picnics on the Parade and Scottish music.

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Becoming a host with Look After Me http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/becoming-a-host-with-look-after-me By Monica Louis

What to do, once you’ve withdrawn from the daily duty of putting bread on the table? Have you ever wondered about turning your home into your business?

A wonderful Robert Palmer song sums it up in the opening line; “the fight to make ends meet keep a man on his feet” (click to hear the song)

Despite our moaning about the traffic when we were obliged to travel to the office every day - maybe now we miss it! Without the deadlines and obligations which in turn give the drive to get started in the morning; what to do with all that available time?  Sure for some there are family demands, clubs or volunteer commitments that help fill the day but those activities take up time and money and give back – let’s say - a non-material return on investment . For some of us the chance to make a bit of pocket money while doing something we love doesn’t sound so bad. 

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Gallivant with the Grandies http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/gallivant-with-the-grandies Grandparents, Look After Me, Home hosted accommodation, Ever taken one of your special 'grandies' on holiday with you?  Grans and Gramps will either groan or glee at the prospect....but even a single night away can create such special memories and strengthen the connection between generations.

It's now the school holidays and that's the perfect excuse to take one or two of your grandkids away and really have a wonderful time together.

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Evolving B&B use still hard to measure in New Zealand http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/evolving-b-b-use-still-hard-to-measure-in-new-zealand Olook After me hosting evolving B&B use still hard to measurene of the below-the-radar categories for tourism across New Zealand is the Bed and Breakfast and Home stay market, which tourism experts suggest could account for significantly more than the officially monitored visitor bed nights. And new online apps and sites are allowing increasing numbers to access private household accommodation.

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5 family friendly activities in Rotorua http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/5-family-friendly-activities-in-rotorua Rotorua attractions and hosted homestay accommodation with Look After MeTry these five family activity ideas in Rotorua for a relaxing and exciting getaway!

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Top tips for Labour Weekend Getaways http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/top-tips-for-labour-weekend-getaways labour weekend accommodation holiday home hosting getaway look after me

Labour Weekend is a much-deserved long weekend - an opportunity to celebrate the end of a long winter stretch. Here are our top tips for a Labour Weekend Getaway.  

With glimpses of warm summer weather and spring baby animals and blossoms, we suddenly leave our hibernation, say farewell to the fire-lighting routine and make plans for getting out and about.

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Garden Festivals of New Zealand http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/garden-festivals-of-new-zealand Home hosted accommodation, Look after me, New Zealand Homestay, New Zealand Hospitality

We go potty about our gardens

To say that kiwis are a bit potty is an understatement - we adore our gardens and even more, we love to share them!

From structured professionally landscaped vistas, planned-to-blossom and colour-coordinated year round, to simple elegance of mass species plantings, right thru to forests of native flora and fauna - it is this variety that truly captivates the New Zealand Gardner.  

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The Changing Face of Tourism in New Zealand http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/the-changing-face-of-tourism-in-new-zealand Look after me tourism nz business

New government funding, a National Tourism Plan, changes in the way travellers are booking, evolving demographics and a global hospitality revolution, are just some of the factors impacting local tourism businesses. Julia Charity reports.

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Go Fish - ideas for fishing holidays http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/go-fish-ideas-for-fishing-holidays Hooked on fishing?

Go fishing, Home hosted accommodation, Look after me, Kiwi homestay Come and stay with hosts who have access to primo fishing spots. Even better, our mad-keen fishing hosts can't wait to give you their best fishing tips - from a humble kiwi homestay ($60) to a luxury lodges in Hawke's Bay or Gore.

Easter is a great time to build up your bragging rights, biggest catch, longest battle, the largest number in a day and of course 'the one that got away'!!

A fabulous way to try something new, deep sea, lake or river fishing try out new gear, learn the best spots from your friendly host who will most likely will smoke your catch for the price of a cold one!

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Mature guests expecting more from their travel dollar http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/mature-guests-expecting-more-from-their-travel-dollar As a nation, we are aging, becoming increasingly affluent and technologically aware. How then, are these factors fundamentally changing expectations from travellers demanding experiences that are more enriching, meaningful and memorable?

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Go Garden http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/go-garden Go Gardening, Look After Me, Home hosted accommodation Many of our Look After Me hosts are keen gardners and are as excited to welcome you into their garden, as they are into their homes!  Considered local experts, they  willingly suggest nearby nature reserves, walks and gardens for you to enjoy.

We warmly welcome you to indulge in one of your favourite past-times and enjoy the sights and smells of your hosts efforts, explore their take on gardening.

No matter the season, there's bound to be fruit, flowers and vegetables for you to enjoy.



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Holidays for the Baby Boomers http://www.lookafterme.co.nz/article/holidays-for-the-baby-boomers Holidays for the Baby Boomers

Dominion Post. Story: Jenny Keown


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