Our Philosophy

The reputation of New Zealand is staked upon being warm and hospitable. The Look After Me Accommodation Network offers the best of NZ to each other and the rest of the world.

We offer beautiful accommodation, in gorgeous places, hosted by the most genuine of people providing exceptional hospitality.

Our founding principle is kindness

Look After Me was founded on the principle of kindness.

It has taken inspiration from the concept New Zealand Maori refer to as ‘manaakitanga’ - which is caring for people to the best of your ability. 


Trust is at the heart of everything we do

Trust is vital to Look After Me and transpires through every layer of our accommodation network.

Our hosts: First and foremost we trust that our Look After Me hosts have the necessary skills to look after you to a high standard.

Our guests: We trust our guests are going to make meaningful contact with our hosts and provide the basic information about their accommodation needs - number of guests, arrival time and any considerations (like meal requirements, pets etc). We also trust that they will pay and be respectful of the grace and kindness our hosts offer them and look after the facilities.

Our staff: We trust the people we employ know how to serve you and make sure you feel 'looked after' when you do business with us.

Our systems: We also trust the systems that we use to help support your  conversations about accommodation.

Our trust in each other will build confidence and reputable business success. 



To become New Zealand’s preferred accommodation network and to revolutionise hospitality by connecting people through old-fashioned, genuine kiwi hospitality.


New Zealand - a 'big' little village

Look After Me is proudly owned and operated in New Zealand.

We exist to serve New Zealander's as they seek to find their place in the 'Sharing Economy.'  This is a new concept for market places all over the world and New Zealand now has it's own accommodation market-place where kiwis can do business with other kiwis.

We believe that by staying small and boutique we can better serve the needs of guests seeking accommodation at the mid-high end of the market. 

We are also proud to have had a female founder and mostly female staff. Our inclusive, nuturing style of building a business from the ground up is uniquely positioned to help the emerging populations of tech-savvy mature female travellers.

We do all we can to uphold the value of women in our community as knowledge holders, nurturers’ and home makers. Part of this includes our 'give a little for Charity' programme, where hosts offer a percentage of their guest fees to their favourite charity. 

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