What are your obligations as a host ?

Local authority by-laws differ and some regulations may be interpreted or applied differently in various parts of New Zealand. If it's not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 526 123.

Part of our assessment criteria includes the inspection of a working smoke detector on the property and we do a brief check on the location of the exits guests would use in case of a fire and provide guidelines on sensible evacuation policies.
Prospective hosts are encouraged to use common sense in this regard.

We strongly recommend that you have full insurance cover while operating a B&B/homestay. You can contact your insurance provider and enquire about ‘InnKeeper’s Insurance’. In most cases this is only marginally more expensive than standard home and contents insurance.

While Public Liability and Fire & General insurance may not be a legal requirement, you do have a heavy responsibility for your guests and their possessions so adequate protections need to be in place.

We recommend these protections are put in place within a month of signing up with Look After Me. Insurance protection is provided on a doctrine of "full disclosure" and if you neglect to advise your insurance provider that you are home hosting you will probably find you have no protection at all.

If your income from LookAfterMe is less than $232 per week, you will not have to file a tax return or pay tax

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