Waikato Homeowners opening up hearts and homes for Fieldays

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Published: 3/06/2015

Waikato homeowners are being urged to embrace NZ’s farming community as they pour into the city and help bridge the shortfall in beds needed for Fieldays, the Southern hemisphere's largest agricultural showpiece festival coming to Mystery Creek and FIFA U20 World cup this month.

10 questions with Tourism Entrepreneur – Julia Charity

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Published: 29/05/2015

New Zealand Rotorua Entrepreneur Julia Charity on line accommodation Network Look After Me peer- to peer platformThis month, NZ Entrepreneur Magazine talks to Dr Julia Charity – Founder of a Peer-to-Peer accommodation platform where guests can book accommodation with like minded hosts.  Now the largest and fastest growing Homestay Network in New Zealand, we ask Julia how she got started, what it’s really like to be an Entrepreneur in New Zealand and her hopes and dreams for the future.

Gallivant with the Grandies

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Published: 3/04/2015

Grandparents, Look After Me, Home hosted accommodation, Ever taken one of your special 'grandies' on holiday with you?  Grans and Gramps will either groan or glee at the prospect....but even a single night away can create such special memories and strengthen the connection between generations.

It's now the school holidays and that's the perfect excuse to take one or two of your grandkids away and really have a wonderful time together.

Women shown entrepreneurial path

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Published: 19/03/2015

Women in business, Homestay Network, Scientist-turned-businesswoman, Julia Charity , Rotorua entrepreneurScientist-turned-businesswoman says you have to know how long your runway is.

Rotorua scientist-turned-entrepreneur Julia Charity led a panel discussion of seven prominent Kiwi businesswomen to launch a female entrepreneur week.


Go Gourmet

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Published: 5/01/2015

Cheese and wine platter, Look After Me, Home hosted accommodation Do you fancy a weekend away sampling fabulous food, with its' passionate creators?


New Zealand's Homestay Network hosts Europe's top film makers in Rotorua

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Published: 17/12/2014

New Zealand's Homestay Network hosts best film makers in the world. Visiting accommodation in Lake Tarawera Trail, Wai-tapu and Maori Culture


New Zealand’s Homestay Network recently hosted Europe's top film makers  Natalie and Mael. The couple was selected from 4000 entrants who competed to secure their place on a Round The World Tour of Homestays.

In New Zealand, Mael and Natalie travelled to Rotorua to experience the Lake Tarawera trail and ecotour, geothermal activity and Maori cultures - all with matching Homestay experiences. 

New Zealand Homestays feature in China's most popular TV Show - Daddy, Where are we Going?

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Published: 19/11/2014

New Zealand Homestay Network hosts Chinese Celebrities in Rotorua for the filming of Daddy, where are we Going? - China's most popular TV Show.Our New Zealand Homestays were featured in China's most popular TV show 'Dad! Where are we Going? 

跟随星爸萌娃探索奇幻之都—罗托鲁瓦 一起来体验神奇和精彩的罗托鲁瓦

The show, which is watched by hundreds of millions world-wide, was filmed in Rotorua and New Zealand’s central North Island for a week in 2014.

New Zealand is the only international destination to feature in the show which follows celebrity fathers Huang Lei, Lu Yi, Yang Wei, Cao Ge and Wu Zhen Yu as they stay with Rotorua Homestay families and explore the region.

In the two 100-minute long Rotorua episodes, the celebrities experience New Zealand culture and accomplish a series of missions with or against each other.

The celebrites stayed with New Zealand host families who involved them in activities and tourist attractions. 

Cultural Experience

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Published: 24/10/2014

Rich in culture New Zealand welcomes travelers with a warm inviting greeting '"Kia ora!"cultural experience maori new zealand look after me accommodation travel

Rotorua Homestays in the spotlight - China's Daddy where are we going?

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Published: 8/09/2014

Daddy where are we going China, filmed in Rotorua New Zealand 2014Rotorua has landed a leading role in China's most popular reality TV show, which will be watched by millions of potential visitors.

The show, called Dad, Where Are We Going?, has been filming in Rotorua and the central North Island for a week, with its stars visiting some of the region's most picturesque locations. 


在中国的一档最受欢迎的电视真人秀“爸爸去哪儿”中,Rotorua 扮演了一个很重要的角色,因为目前这档将会被数百万的潜在观众观看的节目,正在这里进行着为期一周的拍摄,而节目中的明星们正也参观着当地最风景如画的地方。Rotorua这个地区的迷人风景将会呈现在“爸爸去哪儿第二季” 最近的两集中。但是由于双方合同的一些限制,具体拍摄的一些地方的细节问题还不能对外公开。

New Zealand's Homestay Network takes People's Choice and Runner up at Rotorua's Entrepreneurial event

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Published: 18/08/2014

Rotorua Entrepreneur and Founder of New Zealand's Homestay Network Julia Charity wins People's Choice and Runner up at Rotorua X Start-up event Second place and the People’s Choice award for the inaugural Rotorua Start-Up Pitch Night event went to Dr. Julia Charity, who founded 'Look After Me - New Zealand's Homestay Network. Accepting her award, Charity said she had worked tirelessly for three years to bring an idea from absolutely nothing into something.



“Rotorua really needs events like this. It helps create and support an entrepreneurial community,” she said.

“Through determination and grit I have created something from nothing. The world has changed and New Zealand needs its own Homestay Network. I'm doing this for the people of New Zealand and it's so wonderful to receive this award. 

Winning the People’s Choice provides awhi for me along my entrepreneurial journey.”


Our People: Julia Charity Rotorua Entrepreneur

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Published: 22/03/2014

Our People article - Julia Charity founder of Look After Me Hosted Accommodation

This week's 'Our People' is about Rotorua Entreprenuer Julia Charity.

If Julia Charity was a doll she'd be one of the double-faceted kind. On one side she'd appear as the consummate scientist, turn it around and she'd be seen as an entrepreneur.


WOMAD 2014 - Our Accommodation picks in New Plymouth

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Published: 18/02/2014

WOMAD 2014 - our Accommodation picks in New Plymouth

10 years of celebrating music and international culture

Look After Me hosted Accommodation celebrating Womad 2014 in New Plymouth



WOMAD began from a desire to share international music and culture with people, experience culture that is not their own. Music is said to be the international language spanning cultures and barriers. From a dream in 1980 to the humble inaugural event in 1982, WOMAD has grown in popularity and status as 'the event' for many.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 2014 - our accommodation picks in Christchurch

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Published: 16/02/2014

Blooming Marvellous!

Ellerslie International Flower Show is an iconic Christchurch event. With it's earlier start this year (26 - 2 March 2014), it is poised to make the most of day light savings. Ellerslie International Flower Show is held annually in North Hagley Park and is more than just a flower show. Here we mention a few highlights and offer our recommentdations and ideas for accommodation in Christchurch for those attending the Ellerslie Flower Show. 

Flower show, Auckland. Home hosted accommodation, Look After me, New Zealand Homestay   Canstruction is a fun new event at Ellerslie this year, with a serious purpose of raise funds, food and awareness of the City Mission. Well done and don't forget to vote. Entries are still open to enter a team.

What flower show would be complete without a fashion show and afternoon workshops with Angela Stone. Get creative and decorate your hat daily hat competitions with spot prizes.

Rotorua's Essential 50 - Thermal By Bike, Te Ara Ahi, Rotorua's Cycle Trail

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Published: 4/12/2013

As an official partner of the Rotorua Cycle Trail 'Thermal By Bike' we wish to thank Rotorua Daily Post for highlighting Rotorua's new Cycle Trail on Day 3 of their summer series: 'Essential 50 featuring the top Visitor Attractions and local experiences in Rotorua.'Look After Me Homestay Network is an Official Accommodation partner for the Rotorua cycle trail, Thermal by Bike (Te Ara Ahi) - providing welcoming, affordable bike-friendly accommodation on this Cycle Trail and other Cycle Trails all around New Zealand. Ideal for cycling holidays.

Whether you are new to cycling or an old hand, Rotorua's Cycle Trail - Te Ara Ahi - Go Thermal By Bike Cycleway is a must-do.

Korea’s Top Ranked Reality TV showcases New Zealand's Homestay Network 'Look After Me'

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Published: 2/12/2013


‘Dad, where are we going?’  아빠 어디가?  New Zealand  뉴질랜드  Yoon Minsoo and Yoon Hoo   윤민수 그리고 윤후     Homestay accommodation hotel motel Look After MeAn estimated 20,000,000 viewers are expected to watch a Korean Reality TV show featuring New Zealand residents and iconic tourist attractions. 

Korea’s No. 1 reality TV show ‘Dad, where are we going? aired in Korea on Sunday 24 November. Produced by MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), the show features five celebrity fathers and their children as they undertake weekly challenges.


Photo caption: 'Dad, where are we going?' celebrity father Yoon Minsoo and son Yoon Hoo, fishing at Lake Tarawera. 


Homestay Accommodation for Christchurch A&P Show Day

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Published: 1/11/2013


show day christchurch accommodation map holiday the show A&P show

Christchurch A&P Show Day is huge, no its massive!

Your senses will shout vibrant and your taste buds will go wild sampling delicious food and wine; oh yeah, and there are a few horses running around too!

Top tips for Labour Weekend Getaways

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Published: 22/10/2013

labour weekend accommodation holiday home hosting getaway look after me

Labour Weekend is a much-deserved long weekend - an opportunity to celebrate the end of a long winter stretch. Here are our top tips for a Labour Weekend Getaway.  

With glimpses of warm summer weather and spring baby animals and blossoms, we suddenly leave our hibernation, say farewell to the fire-lighting routine and make plans for getting out and about.