Middle-earth mania pure gold for NZ Tourism

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Published: 18/05/2012

Middle-earth mania pure gold for NZ Tourism.

Daily Post, Rotorua. Story: Julie Taylor


New Zealand’s 100% pure campaign will soon have a new twist, with Tourism NZ’s 100% Middle-earth promotion. Aimed at promoting NZ as a visitor destination through its association with the two The Hobbit films the campaign is focused on showing how people can experience the places seen in the film for themselves…. One Rotorua Businesswoman has already put up her hand to help provide that personal experience. Dr Julia Charity runs Look After Me homestay network and she told The Daily Post homestay was a great way to enable film fans to meet real New Zealanders, have an authentic New Zealand experience and stay closer to some of the more remote filming locations where commercial accommodation may be lacking.  Read more