April Newsletter 2019 - Kiwis Looking After Kiwis

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Published: 14/05/2019

Kiwis Looking After Kiwis


In 2013, New Zealand was voted number one in the world, for how we treat our visitors.

In 2019, if the world was to vote again, I suspect we would also be voted No 1 for how we look after each other. Hasn’t it been heart-warming to see how New Zealanders have united?

We understand travelling can be stressful and our hosts do everything they can to help – whether it’s telling you the name of the best exit off the highway, the cheapest and closest city parking, making you a decent coffee or pouring you a wind-down wine at the end of a busy day.

We provide very clean, comfy and safe rooms so you get a good night’s sleep and wake feeling rested. Of the 15, 573 guests we’ve looked after, about 87% of them have been Kiwis. You’ve travelled to big events all over New Zealand – like ArtDeco in Napier, WOMAD in New Plymouth, Wearable Arts in Wellington or concerts in Dunedin.

We’ve also hosted an increasing number of baby boomer cyclists exploring the cycle trails, having the time of their lives and seeing our amazing country. It doesn’t matter what colour skin you have or who you pray to. You are us.... and we guarantee to look after you. It’s Kiwis looking after Kiwis.

Stay with Kiwis the next time you travel!


Meet Miriam from Conifer Grove Oasis, Auckland. Miriam is Host of the Month because of her unfailing loyalty. She has been our longest serving host, joining up just after we launched in 2011.
If you are ever looking for one or two quality queen rooms, not too far from the Auckland airport with use of swimming pool, own dining, lounge and bathroom starting from $120 – this place is awesome! Includes yummy continental breakfast.

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In the wake of the worst massacre in the history of New Zealand, people immediately sprang into action to show a sense of unity and support to the Muslim community. This includes our new staff members and our wonderful hosts.

Here are the initiatives Look After Me Ltd has taken in the weeks following the attacks:

  • Mobilised, strengthened and unified the Dunedin Host community.
  • Held an Emergency Accommodation Meeting to prepare a unified response.
  • Ín the event of any emergency in Dunedin, agreed to offer ‘Half-mast accommodation to local organisations like the Police, Multi-Ethnic Council, the Interfaith Council and representatives from the Muslim community.
  • Ensured guest suites are ready, should further investigations be necessary for the front-line service team as they conduct investigations in Dunedin.
  • Started developing a faith-friendly training programme for Hosts to prepare for welcoming Muslims over the coming years to New Zealand.

We are also developing a proposal for a Digital Hotel for Christchurch. It’s ambitious but we’ve already secured suppliers (hotel software) and fast-tracked our Micro-Job programme (see photo above). We welcomed Barbara Macdonald, Host care Director; Julie Lawrence, Communications and Relationship Manager; Lindsay Doebler, Digital Marketing Manager (aka Keyboard warrior) and Charlotte Goodyear (absent from photo) as Company Designer.

The secret to building a good Digital Hotel in Christchurch is having a trusted network of warm-hearted hosts, with nice rooms which are professionally managed to our standards. We are getting in touch with the 60 or so hosts who have already supported the rebuild of the Christchurch Hospital. Kia kaha Christchurch, we are right behind you!

Know a good host in Christchurch? Please get in touch!

Email info@lookafterme.co.nz


A note from the managing director...

Kia ora, As-salāmu ʿalaykum ( السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ) and peace be with you all.

The world has suddenly changed – and we must too. No longer can there be division of our people. This is a time for kindness, respect and aroha.

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of all people and bring comfort to our Muslim community with our thoughts, prayers, flowers, lighting candles, attending vigils, bringing food and many, many acts of human kindness.

As a nation we have united to look after each other through this difficult time. Let’s keep going New Zealand! We are truly amazing! Kia kaha Christchurch, #NZUnited.

As a sign of deep respect and empathy for the women, wives, daughters and mothers who are grieving I chose to wear a Hijab last month. It was gifted to me by the Al Huda Mosque in Dunedin when I visited to offer my condolences and help. I felt nervous because it is the first time I have worn one. I am Christian, but that doesn't matter right now - we are all sisters in this together.

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